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Mitchell Lonas - Featured Artist at Blue Spiral | Asheville NC Please feel free to post your comments and feedback for Mitchell – share your¬†experience¬†of seeing Mitchell’s work. Or, drop a note to the artist directly – in the form below. Personal messages will not be published to the website.

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  1. Mitchell – Can’t wait to see what new and exciting things you will bring to us in the near future. Looks Fantastic.

  2. New site and new work is awesome. I can’t wait to see some of it in person. I love that you’re going in this new direction, but I have to say I miss some of the portraiture, especially the most recent ones. You’re unbelievable Terrible. I ‘ve seen your talent develop from 4th grade and it continues to amaze me.

  3. I love your work. I saw a nest in Nordstrom and couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful it was. I went back to the mall just to see it one more time. Can these pieces be purchased?

  4. hi mitchell,love your new. marga told me about your site. can’t wait to show it to scott.

  5. My friends have four of your paintings and when I saw them I was entranced. Your armored birds are even more wonderful and I am excited to go to Blue Spiral to see some of your work and possibly acquire a painting or two. What a delightful imagination you have!

  6. Your work is fabulous. I saw one of your pieces in a Nordstrom store and loved it. Thanks, Suzi.

  7. The most powerful art is a conversation between the artist and the viewer, but some artists don’t let the viewer get a word in edgewise. Mitchell’s work, on the other hand, invites the viewer to participate in the exchange of ideas and emotions. I’ve seen installations of his nest series on three separate occasions, and each time I experienced the works differently. I doubt Mitchell intended it as a political or social statement, but with thousands of Americans facing the threat of losing their homes, the nest series seems especially pertinent and poignant. I returned to my own humble nest with a greater appreciation for it.

  8. I, too, along with my Mother saw one of your pieces at a Nordstrom in Ohio. She is interested in buying one of the Wrench series, I beleive no. 54. Do you sell these? Loved your work and congratulations on climbing that great ladder in life.

  9. Mitchell, we just purchased Untitled No. 519 – Nest Series from Blue Spiral. The work must be seen in person. It looks like there is a light shining from within. We’ve given it a place of honor over the fireplace. If you are ever in Little Rock, come and see us. Robyn

  10. We purchased one of the Nests last week at Blue Spiral. Absolutely love it. Can’t wait to see more of your work!

  11. I made a special trip to Blue Sprial just get to see some of your work in person…. WOW… Well worth it.

  12. I have admired your work (perhaps the more correct phrase would be coveted your work) seeing them locally in galleries and hotels. They have stopped me in my tracks as I walked down the street, and I had no idea how you could have made them. I was so interested in the Citizen article. I can’t afford your originals, but I hope one day you will have prints available. Congratulations on your much deserved success. Thanks so much!

  13. Stunning work at the Santa Monica Nordstroms. I’ll go shopping there more often just to look at them. Cudos!

  14. I saw your work at Nordstroms in Green Hills Mall- Nashville TN…absolutely stopped me in my tracks..amazing… took pics on cell phone to send to everyone I thought would appreciate it

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